Commonly Used Heavy Construction Equipments And Tools

There are a variety of heavy construction equipment and tools used for building and construction. Most of this equipment is used to move building materials and construction make it easier for construction workers.

Roller road compresses the area surface to be rolled by using its own weight. With the tires are flexible, it can operate smoothly on uneven ground as well. For more detailed information about the heavy-duty equipment, you can visit

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Bulldozer mainly used for earthmoving up some space and to knock down trees or large rocks abuse. This powerful machine can also be used to loosen and move dirt or other hard materials.

Excavators are used to lift materials into the truck. It has a hook and a long arm that can carry heavy materials during the construction process.

Backhoe used for digging and lifting materials on construction sites. Usually mounted on the tractor or front loader, it is especially useful in digging trenches or ditches.

Equipment Backhoe Loader has bucket/shovel at the front and a backhoe in the rear, combined with the tractor. It is usually used to repair city streets.

Cultivator equipment having rotating blades that work in the soil. It can be self-propelled or may be towed behind a tractor.

Radial Drilling Machine is heavy-duty machinery used for boring, stabbing, reaming, spot facing and counterboring destinations.

With all this heavy construction equipment, construction work can be more easily and more quickly, thereby increasing the productivity of your work.