Car Repair Tip – Protect Against Moisture in Your Exhaust System

Here's a simple car repair tip that's easy to follow – protect moisture from your exhaust system and reduce its corrosive effects. The flue gas naturally contains water vapour.

Some systems include drip holes to release puddles that would otherwise build up in the exhaust, resonator, crossover and other parts of the system. Other systems rely on heat to distribute moisture. If you want to repair your exhaust system or want to change it then you can get the new exhaust system via

The buildup of moisture in car exhausts is a major problem in older cars, but improved materials have reduced the problem significantly. However, there is still the potential for unnecessary repairs if you are not careful and don't allow moisture to build up.

The easiest way to reduce moisture build-up in the exhaust system is to minimize the short run of the vehicle and only use it if you know you are using it enough to heat the exhaust system and remove moisture.

The idea is to minimize ignition of the car, simply move it while driving on the road, and especially start the car when you are actually using it. This can prevent the accumulation of unnecessary moisture in the exhaust and is a way to save fuel.

Think of all the money-burning cars you see in winter. A car with steam coming out of the exhaust pipe will stay warm and give off moisture. Cars with relatively unpaired exhaust emissions have been around for some time and have expelled most of the excess moisture that would otherwise have accumulated in the exhaust system.