Baby Sling Carriers – 5 Recalls About Baby Slings

Baby slings are one of the most popular carriers for babies today. These carriers are great because they allow you to keep an eye on your baby at all times. They are a great solution for new moms because they allow them to breastfeed while they are out there taking care of the baby. Slings can also be used for newborns, older babies and toddlers. Here is some information about baby slings and why they are so popular.

The main reason that baby slings at are so popular is because they are extremely easy to use. This makes them perfect for anyone who is new to using a backpack carrier or even just someone who is going on a trip with a baby. You do not need any special training to use them because they are designed for everyday use. In fact, you can use them three times before needing to be put away for the day.

There have been a lot of recalls made for baby slings because of safety standards. It seems like every time you turn around there is another recall made and parents wonder if it was meant to warn people about the dangerous nature of these baby carriers. Fortunately, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission takes these incidents seriously. They work to make sure that manufacturers take all necessary steps to make sure that their products are safe for everyone to use. We have listed the three most recalled baby slings below.

The first recall was for a sling carrier that had several serious injuries. The baby was able to suffocate in this product and as a result this company was given a major fine by the government. In addition, no one was ever held responsible for any of the other serious injuries that occurred with this product. This was a very serious incident and one that should never have happened.

The second recall we are going to look at was for baby slings that were worn improperly. Several of these carrying devices had loose fittings that would either be sitting on the chest of the baby or would be hanging down in the wrong location. As a result, the parent would be unable to feel the baby and it would in turn become extremely difficult to even pick up the child. In addition to this, the straps would often get caught up in clothing and were choking the child.

The third recall involves two baby carriers. A mother was using an infant carrier that had the strap and buckle sitting in the wrong spot. Instead of sitting upright the baby would be sitting on his back. When the parent tried to change the baby's position the strap became disconnected from the belt and became a hanging hazard. This caused severe bodily injury to the child. You should always make sure that the straps are installed correctly and don't sit in a place where they can be reached by the child.

The fourth recall involved a baby sling that was improperly fitting. The woman who owned this product was placing her baby in the carrier while she was doing something else. During this time her baby was playing with her. When she moved the carrier, it was no longer fitting properly and now the baby was not being comfortably lifted into and held in the carrier. As a result, the child became injured as a result of this product moving around.

The fifth and final recall involved two different baby carriers. One of these carriers had wraps that were connected by Velcro instead of hooking under the chin of the baby. As a result of these wraps being connected the child could not breathe and as a result suffered an adverse reaction to a powder-filled material. Most parents will understand that these types of baby carriers can be quite hazardous when it comes to their safety. All parents need to do when purchasing these carriers is follow the instructions from the company to ensure that the product purchased complies with all national and state laws.