Avoiding Workplace Harassment Claims

Another day, there is another story about the sexual harassment lawsuit against a company. You will find many cases not only of sexual abuse, but also racial abuse, age discrimination, etc. Harassing behaviour sometimes is so commonplace that we often do not recognize the behaviour as inappropriate.  Many people may not be very surprised that this kind of behaviour exists, while others may feel that these are mostly frivolous lawsuits designed to extort money from traders.

Perhaps the accused were “just kidding around” and meant no harm? No matter what, the dealer loses. Any lawsuit is a bad lawsuit. In addition to the cost of defending these claims, there could be damage to the reputation of the company.  To help avoid these types of claims, employees must be trained in harassment prevention. You can search for anti harassment training for employees on https://harassmentalert.com/anti-sexual-harassment-training-by-state/

As far as the law is concerned, harassment depends on how the behaviour was received, not on the intent. Some states, such as California, require supervisors harassment prevention training. It is nice, but what about the non-supervisory employees?

Most companies have an anti-harassment policy that all employees must sign, although I would venture to guess that the majority of people don’t read it or understand it. Having a policy in place and hanging posters is simply not enough protection for a dealership. Once again, all companies employees should be trained in harassment prevention.