Assessing ATV Trailer Quality

If you have or are planning to get an ATV, odds are you will need an ATV trailer as well. An ATV trailer allows ATV owners to transport their ATV safely and more easily than trying to use a truck's bed. ATV trailers come in various sizes depending on your needs. You can find trailers designed to haul from one to six ATV's at a time. While flatbed trailers may be used to transport ATVs, a trailer designed for the job is the safest choice.

An ATV trailer is composed of a deck that the ATV's are loaded on to and a ramp that folds up during transportation and acts as a security device for holding the ATV in place. Single ATV trailers come in 2 sizes, 5' x 8' and 5' x 10'. The size of your ATV will determine the best size for your ATV trailer. If you have at least two ATV's, you can find trailers which measure 5' x 13 or 5' x 14' that will fit the job. If you will need to haul more than two ATVs, you can have ATV trailers custom made to your specifications.

It should be sturdy and strong enough to hold the number of ATVs you wish to haul. Trying to fit ATV's on a trailer that was not designed for it can cause extreme stress on the trailer, and the additional weight can make it break. Many ATV trailers have a tongue mounting system, and you must be sure it is sturdy and won't bend, crack, or twist during transportation.

The support beams on the trailer also have to be strong as this is where the axels attach. The trailer's load's weight is transferred to these beams during transportation, and they can bend or break if they are not high quality. The trailer's cross members should also be strong as if they twist or warp, it'll cause the corners and will crack the trailers welds.

The safest method in an ATV trailer is the tilt clamp system. They are also simple to use and stable. The tilt clamp system is also faster to attach than a hitch system. The tilt clamp system pulls on the trailer and tongue together with a T-bolt that also reduces vibration. Regardless of what system your ATV trailer uses, make sure it is properly connected and secure. You don't want bumps and vibrations during transportation to cause your trailer to become unhitched.

ATV's can be very useful or a fun hobby. Ensure that your transport method is the proper one for ATV's and that you use the proper precautions. Always secure your ATV on the trailer and make sure the ramp is secured in the vertical position so that it does not fall during transport. An unsecured ATV on the rear of a trailer can be extremely dangerous. Use a high-quality trailer to make certain that it will not warp or break, and it will last you years. Caetla ATV Trailer added lots of guides on picking the right one.