Asia’s Top Blockchain Startups

In 2018, it was reported that Asia was one of the top markets in the expansion of the use of cryptocurrency as well as outsourcing blockchain development, job opportunities in blockchain, overall transparency, and innovation. You can find the best blockchain trading company like RAMP DEFI.

The flexibility and decentralization of the unbreakable digital ledger have been attracting more and more business and government officials across Asia.


The platform, which also benefits from blockchain-based development, offers an online social-ride service that is the first to be completely independent and decentralized. Drivers on the platform can buy DACSEE tokens, and can also pay passengers' fares in the form of traditional money or the token. 


This Asian company is widely regarded as being the first derivatives trading platform not a broker around the globe. With the help of blockchain technology, it has been capable of eliminating brokers and providing a seamless experience trading that is decentralized.

The crypto exchange platform is a creation by Nikolay Udianskyi. This top-quality platform is made available due to the years of experience and expertise in the market and the vast knowledge of the founder. 

The blockchain platform also plans to launch new features that will distinguish it from the other blockchain platforms. One of these plans is to include a P2P micro-financing loan service that allows users to borrow and lend money from the platform.


The Asian blockchain company has an international team that includes over 100 individuals. This platform is designed to facilitate trading in digital assets and is accessible to different important Asian markets through the European license. 

The platform also has released an application called S.M.A.R.T. Box. The application allows users to budget and allocates funds according to different plans with different interest rates and lengths.