Anal Fissures – Causes & Treatments

Among other reasons, God Himself may have been partially responsible for causing the rupture of the anus in humans when He first created mankind. Confused? Take a closer look at the human anal canal and the reason will be pretty self-explanatory – or is it some kind of anomaly in human anatomy?

The fragile anal canal mostly runs without firm support through the body's internal organs. And one should not forget that its job is to transport all feces weighing up to several kilograms to the anus for safe disposal. You can also search online for more information about anal fissures purpose.

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And heaven helps those who are constipated and at the same time accustomed to putting extra pressure on bowel movements. When this happens, a crack must occur and therefore a crack will form. In other words, an anal fissure is caused by stretching the lining of the anus beyond its capabilities. And it can cause pain in the "wrong place".

Just as chronic constipation causes anal fissures, severe chronic diarrhea also causes tears in the anus. However, some experts believe that while the external anal sphincter can be controlled by humans, the internal sphincter, which is always under stress, cannot be controlled at will.

When the resting pressure of the internal sphincter exceeds normal, it tends to tear, and thus tear occurs. Inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis can also cause anal fissures.