All About Modern Garden Rooms

Garden rooms provide great impact in both large and small spaces. You can divide large spaces into smaller rooms with different themes and different seasonal appeals. For example, a vegetable garden, a shade garden, and a flower garden could surround a water feature. If your property is small, use the room concept to make your garden more private and beautiful.

A garden room(also known as chambres de jardin Modernes) has the same structural elements as you would have in any room in your house–walls, a floor, and a ceiling. Then add amenities that make a room welcoming, such as seating and other attractive furnishings.

Floors and Paths

The lawn is the carpeting of choice in many American gardens and it can be very effective in garden rooms if it is well maintained. But many other options such as ground covers, flagstone, brick, pea gravel, or wood are available. Most garden room floors use a combination of lawn and a hard paving surface. 


A ceiling of clear sky is but one option for a garden room. If you need shade, build a small pergola or attach a lattice panel to posts. Carefully prune tree limbs to make a gracious living ceiling for a garden room.

One of the most enchanting things about garden rooms is that you can design them so that the entire garden is not visible at one glance instead a wall of lower heads may offer a narrow opening that draws us from one garden room into another. 

Another way to screen an area; place a group of evergreen shrubs so that the path curves around them into a second hidden room. It is delightfully defined as a secret setting area, a treasured statue or a water feature at the end of a path.