All About Good Fashion Stylist In NYC

Styling is all about making people feel and look good, inside and out. It is an art to combine those things together to form a beautiful piece. People love you because you make them feel beautiful.

Stylists generally of three categories – celebrity stylists, image stylists, and image consultants. You can choose fashion stylist in NYC via

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A fashion stylist career gives a thrilling opportunity. Fashion shoots, fashion shows, music videos, movies, commercials, and TV shows several areas where stylists can work.

Fashion stylist requires more than good taste. He/she also should have an understanding of the different types of bodies and made an appearance that brings out the best in themselves.

The ability to combine exceptional pieces and use them in an unusual manner is a must. This is not, the stylist must have the ability to work within a client's budget, but it brings out the best in him/her. In addition, he/she must be able to influence the client without overruling them.

Have a formal education in fashion and styling is an additional advantage. To begin with, you can even experiment with family and friends to put your creative skills to practice.

 As a stylist, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and happenings in the world of fashion. Browse through fashion magazines and fashion-related watches regularly. Having a portfolio of your work.

To make it more effective, create a column showing 'before the makeover' and 'after the makeover,' as this gives the client an idea of your style creation.