Advantages Of Early Orthodontic Treatment for Children in Pearl City

Years ago it was rare for a child to undergo orthodontic treatment at a young age. Instead, treatment was most often performed when all adult teeth were available. Unfortunately, treatment at this older age often necessitated the removal of four permanent teeth.

Orthodontics has come a long way since then. Today, it is extremely rare for a child to require the removal of teeth. Crowded mouths that are identified at a young age can benefit from expansion treatment and thus avoid extraction treatment.

Interceptive or two-stage treatment has the goal of correcting existing problems and reducing the severity of other problems which can develop in the future. You can also get orthodontic treatment for children at

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The advantages of early treatment include: protecting protrusive teeth from fracture during sports and/or accidents; correcting the dental framework to allow a more ideal eruption and/or development of the bite; improved self-image at a younger age; and a higher degree of cooperation and enthusiasm from our younger patients.

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children be screened for orthodontic treatment at age seven. Although this may seem young, the reason for the early screening is that by age seven lower front teeth are erupting, and developing crowding can be identified.

Additionally, by this age, the direction of facial growth has often been determined and if orthodontic treatment will be required the treatment can often be planned pro-actively versus retroactively.