About us

Connecticut offers Amazon the talent you need, now and into the future. Our employees are among the most highly educated and highly productive in the country. And we promise Amazon a diverse pipeline of talent fueled by 40 leading public and private institutions — including two top-ranked research universities: Yale and UCONN.

In addition, we offer the affordable lifestyle your employees want. Connecticut’s quality of life is second to none. Safe, healthy communities. Livable, walkable towns and cities. Top-ranked school systems. A wealth of outdoor activities and cultural assets.

Team Connecticut
Connecticut’s support of Amazon’s headquarters project is unequivocal and broad-based. The letters below demonstrate the backing Amazon has from our diverse coalition of private and public sector partners throughout the state.

Two site options for your second North American headquarters, both of which boast a population of one million, offer a deep talent pool, have close proximity to international airports, and have easy access to mass transit, major highways, and arterial roads.

Greater Stamford and Greater Hartford both offer Amazon a vibrant urban setting nestled among progressive New England towns with convenient access to Boston and New York.